Acrylic Hawker's Tray

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Set new trends with the possibly most attraktive mobile vending and promotion system from SELLact. This hawker's / vendor's tray model is especially suitable for promotional activities due to highly attractive appearance.

The experience gained from major catering events was the main basis for the development of the modern comfortable harness construction.

Flexible compartments

Ergonomic Harness Construction



Because of the innovative construction of the acrylic hawker's tray (no adhesive joints but thermo-formed corpus) this system is more robust than most other products out of this material.

Weight Distribution:

The ergonomic harness construction perfectly distributes the weight to the hip and shoulder area.

Flexible compartments:

With flexible compartments, which can be placed in the vendor's tray, different type of products can be stored in their own chambers. Custom designscan already beproducedin small quantities.


ergonomic harness construction, transparent corpus, protection sleeve

Suitable for:

Mobile vending and promotion of:

  • bottled/canned beverages
  • snacks, cigarettes
  • tickets, flyer, merchandising items